Thursday, November 12, 2009

still here

So i'm still here and still alive. Why can I never keep a blog going?

"The thinner I become the fatter I feel".

I'm now 48kg (as of yesterday). Which is obviously a pathetic weight loss since when I last posted in August my weight was 52kg-ish.

I'm still glad it's going down - my "revised" goals are:
By 3 December - 45kg
By 2 Jan - 39.9kg (Under 40!!)
By 1 Feb - 35kg

So it's basically 5kg a month.

But anyway, back to my statement above. I'm now only 3kg from having a BMI under 20, considered by most accounts to be underweight. What a piece of sh*t. There is no way I am almost underweight. When I was obese (yes - obese at almost 70kg), I felt fat, don't get me wrong, but now it's like there are particular areas which just disgust me.

I have tonsilitus (I think) so it hurts to swallow. Which is good for weight loss. But makes me feel miserable :(

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  1. so, it's been over a year now.. just wonder, have you achieved your dreamed target weight ? Do let me know and updated as I'm as well trying to achieve those so called remarkable weight (35kg), Hmmm.. im between 42 to 45 kg now ( yup, it varies every single day, and im not sure why and how- dont ask), but then i still aim to achieve my goal weight which is 35 kg. Keep in touch with love :DDD