Saturday, August 1, 2009

A new month - a new me

1 August Stats:

51.8kg / 114 pounds
25.7% body fat

72.5 cm /28.5 inch waist
88.5 cm / 35 inch hips
89cm / 35 inch breasts
51cm / 20 inch thigh

My goals for this month:
Lose 5kg / 11 pounds

Challenges this month:

  • Going on a long-weekend ski trip with friends (and one of whom, who I don't know very well, is a doctor). So completely worried about what I will be forced to eat, but almost looking forward to see what I can get away with when I'm eating with a doctor. I've never been skiing before, so don't know what happens during the day, do people leave the ski fields to get lunch etc??
  • People at work have started noticing I've lost weight, so need to make sure if I'm eating I do it in front of people. Still winter so I can wear bulky jumpers to work though. Shows the stupidity of our society though, I'm still towards the higher end of my healthy weight range, and I feel like I'm having to hide that I have lost weight.

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