Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weight - 2 August 2009

Sunday, 2 August 2009: 52.1kg / 25.2% body fat.

Not impressed. I should mention I binged and purged on Friday, and it always seems my weight drops after doing that - I think part of it must be due to a bit of dehydration. Because it seems even if I am good the next day (i.e. eating, but not much), I weight goes back up.

Last Monday my weight was 52.6kg. My aim was to lose 1.1kg a week for 16 weeks, which would take my weight to 35. My goal :) And it would be perfect timing, the 16 weeks would finish on 16 November, and I finish all my study on 14 November - so will have time to go shopping for new clothes, go to the beach, etc etc. And really, 1.1kg should not be difficult!!!!! But so far this week I have only lost 0.5kg.

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  1. aww thanks so much for your comment :]]
    and congrats on losing half a kilo thats still good and at least you're not gaining yay!!
    and i totally know what you mean about food causing you to be more hungry like when i eat it makes me think about all the other food in my kitchen that i could also eat and then i get hungrier than i was to begin with ://
    but fasting is kind of easy after your first fast but i think my first one was the hardest idk but lots of people say it's not for everyone but idk
    and now im just rambling :]]] lol
    stay strong<333