Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So my weight on Monday was horrendous - 52.9 kilos. BUT: I think a lot of it was water weight, because on Tuesday my weight was 51.8kilos. I barely ate on Monday, but still, a 1.1 kg loss is more than I would have expected.

Yesterady - BAD. Ate FAR FAR too much. I have a lecture on Tuesday nights so perfect reason not to eat dinner, but once I got home I snacked. And snacked. And snacked.

Today it's only 11:30 and I've already eaten far too much. We had a work morning tea and I ate too much crap, and am now feeling sick. The only good thing is that other people were there seeing me eat. But now I have a 3 hour lecture I have to teach and all I want to do is try and purge, and with my lecture starting in 10 minutes I obviously can't do that.

(Yep - I'm a university lecturer who is probably more screwed up than all of her student's combined).

I have an assignment I have to work on tonight (also doing some post-grad study in addition to teaching), so I think I'll have to eat something to have some energy. But for the rest of today: 1 Apple + Vegtables.

Thursday Meal Plan: 1/2 sandwich (have a seminar which lunch provided) + Yoghurt + vegetables

Friday Meal Plan: Fast.

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