Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weight etc

Wednesday, 8 July 2009: 53.4kg, 26.7% body fat.

At least it's down. I was a bit worried what my weight would be - after losing .7kg the day before, I thought it might bounce back. I didn't eat a lot yesterday, but still ate too much, and last night, even though I had planned not to have dinner, my throat was really sore so I had two iceblocks. Approx 50 calories each but pure sugar.

I "chewed and spit" about half a block of chocolate last night. I didn't actually know until recently that that was fairly common in eating disorders. The first time I did it was a few years ago - I had put myself on a 5 day detox, which went as follows - Day 1: Fruit, vegetables, fruit juice, water. Day 2: Fruit juice and water. Day 3: Water. Day 4: Fruit juice and water Dat 5: Fruit, vegetables, water. Just for the record, I didn't do this to lose weight (although of course that was a nice side effect). I was on university holidays, I had been completely unhealthy - I have always drunk a lot of diet coke, and was also using a lot of panadol etc, so I really just wanted to clear my system. Anyway, I was on the last day of my detox and just needed to taste something apart from fruit and vegies, but I figured if I didn't swallow it, it wouldn't be so bad. Like the calorie counter I mentioned in my last post, I suddenly thought this was the answer to all my problems, but honestly, I don't really enjoy it, so only did it once or twice. I never feel satisfied, and particularly last night with something like choclate, I know I end up getting a few calories here and there, because it sticks to your teeth etc. But I was so tempted to binge last night, and at least it stopped me doing that.

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