Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weight & the week ahead

Wednesday, 15 July 2009: 53.2kg, 27.6% body fat.

Well, the fast yesterday worked in terms of weight, but unimpressed with body fat. Maybe another saltwater flush?

The rest of the week and into next week is going to be a struggle.

Tomorrow (Thursday) I have a work dinner, hopefully I can get away with not eating much, but will have to make an effort to not draw attention to myself. Luckily people at work know I have been sick so if anyone notices I'm not eating much I can blame it on that.

Friday I have a conference all day, lunch will be sandwiches so aiming to get away with just eating half a sandwich.

Saturday I'm going back home (interstate), and have a friend's birthday that night. I'm going to have to fast all day before hand.

Sunday and Monday I'll be at home, in addition to my friend's birthday it's my Mum and aunt's birthday; and will be catching up with other friends which always seems to involve food.


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