Friday, July 24, 2009

Fat fat fat - 24 July 09


Friday, 24 July 2009: 53.4kg, 25.5% body fat.

Why is this so hard? And how did I put on 1.3kg since Wednesday?

I am the first to admit that Wednesday and yesterday weren't great food wise, but they also weren't terrible. I ate some naughty food but I didn't binge.

It's Friday here and I'm off work sick (due to the flu) - I still have tons of study to do this weekend but I think 3 days of liquid dieting will do me good.

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  1. You're retaining water. Fibrous food (veggies like broccoli, bran cereal etc) will help get rid of the water weight. 25-35g of fibre is ideal. Don't take it in the form of supplements but from real food.

    Quicker solutions like the liquid diet are temporary and then you'll gain the water back and be frustrated all over again.

    For your weight, your body fat percentage is also quite high. You're at risk of the exact same diseases you were when you weighed more. It's because although you've made a significant external change, your body hasn't really made that much an internal one.