Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Weight update / Thoughts

Weight for last two days:

Tuesday, 7 July 2009: 53.5kg / 27.3% body fat

Monday, 6 July 2009: 54.2kg / 27.9% body fat

I was really depressed with my weight Monday morning. I know it was only 100g heavier than on Sunday, but I had barely eaten anything on Sunday so thought it would go down. However, I guess since I was sick I wasn't actually awake for much of Sunday, and when I was awake I spent most of the day in bed, so shouldn't have eaten anything.

Then yesterday (Monday), I took the day of work because I was still sick and went to the doctors. (Who basically said it's a virus, I don't need any anti-biotics, and I'll be fine). I walked to the doctor's, which was about a 35 minute walk. Not much, but at least it was some exercise. I didn't have a great day; but was going ok; and then I ended up eating dinner with my flatmate last night. VERY BAD. I was still feeling sick, I was tired, and when my flatmate offered me some dinner I didn't have the energy to say no or explain why I wasn't eating. I was able to get away with not eating much, she knew I was sick, so was able to say I wasn't very hungry. But I have to keep reminding myself this is long-term. My flatmate and I get along well, but we pretty much lead our own lives, cook our own food etc. However, I'm sure if she never sees me eating dinner she will start to wonder. It won't be hard to hide - she usually cooks dinner and goes to her room to eat, but I figure if she sometimes sees me eating she won't be thinking about it. But am happy I resisted the urge to then binge and purge; as I really hate purging. And once again, have flatmate - have my own bathroom but when I binged and purged on Friday and Saturday she wasn't home. Always worried she will hear (although I make sure I run a bath or turn the shower on).

This has turned into a bit of a blabber so I'll stop. Anyway - happy with the decline in my weight today.

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